Nothing special. Same old. What’s new? What change? Oh.

Again.  Notes She Wrote, again.  At its fourth iteration, this time I can feel unexpected butterflies, the sense that this time it will be different. I’ve gone through several changes ever since I first created Notes She Wrote –  never quite sure what I wanted this place to be, or how it fitted into the grand scheme of my life. There was the ‘burst of inspiration’ phase.  A sporadic post here or there, or waaaay over there.  Then there was the ‘I have a blog, and this is what blogs look like, therefore my blog will also try and do this’ phase.  Wanting to say something, but not with enough substance.  Finally, there was the abandoned phase.  I discovered another platform, and flitted between both, leaving this one to die, even with some later efforts to post last autumn.

All these reinvention stories point towards a pattern of changing – perhaps fifth revamp at some point in the near future, a do-over, but those signs are wrong. Notes She Wrote was always intended to be an online abode, and now, I’m more at peace with what I think that home should look like. I will build once more. Post by post, word by word, note by note.  Let me start from here.  Again.